4 months ago

The Phantom Rape Gang

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Two years ago I carried out an investigation into allegations of a child rape gang operating in Barrow-In-Furness. A young woman (Ellie Williams) posted horrifying and threatening messages online, allegedly sent to her by abusers, as well as pictures of horrendous injuries, again, allegedly caused by her abusers.

I quickly found out that Ellie Williams was not a reliable source of information as she had accused other men of beating and raping her, accusations that I found to be totally false.

Mo Rammy and Jordan Trengrove were two of the men accused of trafficking her, raping her, and beating her.

The accusations she made were complete lies.

The damage these accusations have caused to these men, their families, and their businesses cannot be downplayed, I wish every one of them the very best for their future as they can finally start to heal and rebuild their lives.

The other worrying aspect of this case is the knock on effect this will have on genuine victims of child sexual exploitation.

The pursuit of truth and justice never stops.


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