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1 year ago

This is a recorded talk and slide presentation conducted in Wollongong NSW Australia, following 2 years of research and monitoring of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website DAEN (Database of Adverse Event Notifications), specifically the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ i.e.

962 reported deaths as at 15.01.2023 across Australia including 9 children with additional 11 foetal deaths, 16 stillbirths and 192 miscarriages - termed ‘abortion spontaneous’ (319 lost pregnancies including death of 32-year-old pregnant woman – ‘rash pruritic’). Video includes a 1.5mins clip with a young woman called Lara (from Central Queensland) who accepted her GP’s recommendation to get COVID-19 jabbed and lost her first pregnancy (@ 12 weeks boy, Ollie).

Relevant links and documents showing safety concerns were ignored by officials and the COVID-19 jab harm which resulted, are shown in the information section (under the video). “INCRIMINATING DATA” with links, have been emailed to a criminal barrister in Brisbane, QLD, following a recommendation from Dr. Chris Neil (Australian Medical Professionals' Society, President & Cardiologist). A number of lawyers from other countries are involved in a private criminal prosecution of named persons. The “INCRIMINATING DATA” video and links, will aide in the evidence-gathering.

A friend wrote to me saying after receiving the video link: “… This record is the most important thing we could have done considering Mark Sextons recent post declaring the establishment intentionally ignoring the evidence. We have illustrated and demonstrated the problem. Evidence of Democide in action. The people must unite now. What you have achieved is now an incredibly powerful tool to humanity……”

I hope you will spend the time to watch and share this important video and include the attached one page "Summary of Information" with links, for easy distribution. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Sharon Cousins
Independent Researcher/ Writer,
Wollongong NSW

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