1 year ago

👇Lyn Wood 👇

Most have believed that Washington, D.C. was the location of “the swamp” and the “snakes” in it.


D.C. was just the home office of the swamp “snakes.”

The swamp “snakes” have slithered into and infiltrated every state and city in our nation. Even into your neighborhoods and your business and civic associations.

A snake moves slowly as it has no feet with which to run. The “snakes” have been infiltrating our country slowly for many, many years.

Communists/Globalists/RINOS have slowly infiltrated every aspect of our society. They are the swamp “snakes.” They operate in “secrecy” and usually in the dark. They share many “snake” secrets with each other.

If the Communist/Globalist/RINOS “snakes” come out into the light, they do so in disguise so they don’t get spotted and have their heads cut off.

“The swamp” is deep and “the swamp” is wide.

It takes time to identify the “snakes,” capture them, and cut off their heads so that their bodies will shrivel up and die just like their heads do when cut off.

To truly “drain the swamp” of the swamp “snakes” takes time.

To be safe and effective, you have to cut off the head of EVERY snake, big and small.

President Trump promised We the People that he would drain the swamp.

President Trump keeps the promises he makes to We the People.

FIX 2020 OR BUST!!!

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

P.S. Learn how to spot a swamp “snake” and warn others around you of their existence and the danger they pose!!!

P.P.S. Like all other aspects of our society, social media (including Telegram) has swamp “snakes” slithering around in it.

P.P.P.S. Be a “snake” hunter and help SAVE AMERICA and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

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