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Alaska Department of Revenue - Revenue Forecast

Alaska Senate Finance Committee Presents:

Revenue Forecast - Department of Revenue
- Adam Crum, Commissioner of Revenue
- Dan Stickel, Chief Economist
- Colleen Glover, Tax Director

Today we get to hear from these people listed above about all the Revenue (Taxes) our State has collected over the last six months & their future predictions of what the next six months will bring in. Alaska's fiscal Tax Collection season is between July 1st - June 30.

Keep in mind when listening to what they are telling us here that it's all about the "Narrative". I expect them to say that they have about a $3 Billion Predicted Surplus this year & those in the Senate Finance Committee to spin it as they don't have a Surplus. Instead they will claim they don't have enough revenue & this Surplus is already been spent on "Future Spending".

Never forget the big push these next two years is to complete the theft of our PFD, Grow K-12/University Funding by 1/3 more than it already is, Add $500 Million or more to Healthcare & bring back "Defined Benefits" that nearly bankrupted our State the last time they had it. Creating a Deficient that was over $20 Billion in the Hole. We still owe $4 Billion to the Benefits Program. Now they want to make that debt climb once again.
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