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Alaska Grand Jury Investigation Into Alaska’s Judicial Branch

Alaskans for Constitutional Rights Presents:

Author & Forensic Journalist David Ignell will be discussing his book, "Alaska Grand Juries" available for download (for free!) at https://poweredbyjustice.com/grandjury/. Listen in here, or join in zoom to interact!

Alaska Grand Jury Corruption Investigation - January 19 Update

They have Evidence about how the Alaska Supreme Court is trying to illegally and unconstitutionally stop an ongoing Kenai Grand Jury investigation into corrupt judges. (See evidence at alaskastateofcorruption.com)

They have also provided evidence proving the Supreme Court bypassed their own Rules Committee so they would not be discovered, exposed, and stopped.(See evidence at alaskastateofcorruption.com)


EVERYONE PLEASE ATTEND the February 21, Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly at 6 PM!

David Haeg has been put on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly's schedule to make an official presentation of the above in February. He will ask the Assembly to pass a Resolution protesting the Supreme Court's action and asking they be impeached. The KPBA will need wide-spread public support to do this.

Put it on you calendar please. We will be calling everyone personally to ask you attend and support. This is the biggest crisis Alaska has ever faced. Period.

Join Alaska Grand Jurors' Association weekly Zoom meeting every Saturday night at 8 PM. Zoom ID: 821-4574-5893 Passcode: 693100

January 23 at 12 noon, David Haeg will be speaking to the Alaska Judicial Council in the Kenai Courthouse concerning candidates to replace Judge Jennifer Wells. Everyone is allowed to speak.

David Haeg will support Lacey Jane Brewster - and ask everyone possible to attend and do the same. Ms. Brewster has proven she will obey our Constitution and Rule of Law even in the face of opposition from corrupt officials.

If anyone knows of an event he can speak at, or is willing to put one on, let him know.

One last request, please fill out a "Request to the Kenai Grand Jury" at alaskastateofcorruption.com - and send it to the Kenai Grand Jury currently investigating corrupt Alaskan judges (address on the Request). And please send a copy to the address below.

Most Sincerely,

Alaska Grand Jurors' Association
David Haeg
PO Box 123
Soldotna, Alaska 99669
(907) 398-6403 cell/text

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