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LIVE Most Followed Parler Accounts! Top 50 creators 2023! Hannity, Cruz, Carlson, Trump, Bongino!+

LIVE Most Followed Parler Accounts! Top 50 creator accounts 2023! Hannity, Cruz, Levin, Carlson, Trump, Bongino, Nunes!+

Been wanting to do this for ages. Finally got too. Thanks Electric for helping me getting it happening.

This list is likely very incomplete, so if you see someone who ranks in the top 50 not on the list, please tell me and I'll add them. I just did a preliminarily quick look for people on Parler.

If you follow me, you can see the live counter of how many followers I have, increase.

This stream I might just do for 12 hours. I'll see.

My Tweet:

Here is my other live live stream about Top 50 Rumble:

Thanks to 24timezones.com for the time.
Thanks to TheFatRat for the neat copyright free music!
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According to Pew Research, Parler is the most well known non-main stream tech site.

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Written this and about to stream as at 6:15am NZDT 21 Jan 2023.

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