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Day Two of the 33rd Session of the Alaska State Legislature


Today in Juneau Alaska is the second time that we get to see & hear from the Senate & House as the Newly Sworn In Legislators get to work. We’ll start out today with the Senate Finance Committee getting the “Production Forecast” from the Department of Natural Resources.

At 10:00 we’ll switch to the House and see if they will start at their work or gavel out. Moving discussions behind closed doors once again.

Update: Congratulations to Rep. Cathy Tilton becoming the 33rd Speaker of the House in Juneau Alaska 1/18/2023

The Senate has already formed their committees and are starting States Business/Politics today. The Committees are controlled by those who have sold out their Constituents of Alaska they are suppose to Represent, Voices & Votes to a Binding Caucus that only answers to the Lobbyists & Special Interests.

Organizations like NEA-Alaska, IBEW, Alaska AFL-CIO, Rasmusson Foundation, CIRI, Health-Care, ETC...), of Alaska, to be a "Yes Vote" for the Budget no matter what is in it. Who Knows what else they have agreed to Vote Yes for to get them to Join.

They have built the “Narrative” to manipulate the "Alaskans" into believing they have no choice but to increase spending in "All Departments". All claiming as one that "they have no choice but to use the PFD's to pay for it all."

Now the House has yet to align into any kind of Majority. Meeting again today to see if they can get the job done. Don’t expect to see any long drawn out debates on the floor over Speaker of the House. This will all be done behind closed doors trading Votes, Committees & I’m sure a envelope or two. But if Decades of history has taught us Alaskans anything. It's that they will once again make sure the Democrat/Rino's control the Slime Majority. Making sure the most corrupt of them are the one's chairing the Committee's. Just like the Senate, they have already declared when the Majority is formed, that it will be made up using the Binding Caucus Rule. Selling out their Constituents Vote's & Voices to the Special Interests.

Get ready Alaskans for the Fight of Our Lives this 33rd Legislative Session. They plan on Increasing Educations Budget beyond Satiability. Rewarding them for the Worst Performance in the Nation (Ranked Last in the Nation), turning out barely Remedial Educational Outcomes, at nearly Double to Triple the Costs of anywhere else in the Nation.

Next they want to bring back "Defined Benefits" that nearly Bankrupted out State the last time it was in used. Put our State $20 Billion in the Hole. Currently they still have $4 Billion of that past debt to pay off before they programs they had & have now will break even once again. We Fought Tooth & Nail to get it removed the last time. We can't let these Corrupted Legislators in Juneau get away with the they are trying to do now.

Last but not least…. After driving up the number of people from 18% to 33-36% living on one form of welfare or another. They Vow to increase what we pay for healthcare. Making sure never to point out that Alaskans are on the hook for even more of the Expanded Healthcare that ex-Governor Walker unilaterally passed using an Executive Order”. Why you ask…? The Feds Contribution each year to pay for that is being reduced from to 100% it started at, until it reaches a 50/50 split.

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