Mat Staver discusses the coming attacks on the church (Dis-respect for Marriage Act)

1 year ago

Resist against the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act!
In this episode, Black Robed Regiment Liberty Pastor Paul Blair discusses updates on the Dis-Respect for Marriage Act and is joined by Atty. Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel) who addresses the legal ramifications for the church.

Congress once again betrayed our trust and exceeded the limited powers delegated to them. Shaking their fists in the face of our Creator, they passed the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act. This is another step for the godless to attack God’s Natural Law and attack the Lord’s Church.

It is extremely important that you and your church be legally prepared. Mat Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel, is our special guest for this month’s Liberty Pastors Zoom Call. You will not want to miss this important conversation with one of America’s most courageous defenders of Christian Liberty.

Tuesday’s Zoom call with Atty. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel ( contains critical information every pastor needs to know with the recent illegitimate Federal Law attempting to codify gay marriage.

Christians have faced persecution since the apostles were first beaten in Acts 5. However, we have never faced it in America UNTIL now. Listen to this recording with Mat Staver. Pastors, there is no element protecting churches in this new Federal act. The best way to protect yourself and your church is to be very open with your and your church's doctrinal statements about God’s design for sexuality and what God’s will is for marriage.

Make sure your church’s doctrinal statement is clearly presented on your website and then STAND for that which is Holy and True!

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