Edward Dowd Reveals Who He Thinks Is Behind "Vaccine" Turmoil (Hint: It's NOT Big Pharma)

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Ask you average "normie" what is driving the push for universal vaccinations that has permeated American society for two years and there will be two prominent answers. One will be government and their desire to "help" the people by somehow bringing an end to Covid despite the acknowledged fact that the jabs don't stop infection or transmission. The other prominent opinion is to blame Big Pharma and their greedy ambitions.

Wall Street analyst Edward Dowd doesn't think either are truly behind the push. Sure, they're both playing their part, but Dowd thinks this really comes down to the machinations of the globalist elites and the central bankers who had a major problem that only a massive societal upheaval could solve. Whether they lucked into the pandemic or if they helped to manufacture it as a "Plandemic," we may never know. But Dowd is convinced they're the ones behind it all. Considering he spent nearly a decade with BlackRock and has had his analytical brain on the case for two years, I trust his assessment.

We will discuss these things and much more on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. We'll also discuss his amazing book, Cause Unknown, which dives into the statistical anomalies surrounding Covid-19, the vaccines, and excess deaths. His book poses, the question, "What is killing healthy young Americans?"

Edward's book: https://jdrucker.com/dowd

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