Latest Twitter Files Show How Dirty Big Pharma Played to Keep Factual, Scientific Truths Hidden

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1 year ago

There's one HUGE takeaway amongst the many major bits of information that emerged with the latest Twitter Files drop. Pfizer and Moderna were regularly suppressing anything that ran contrary to their prescribed vaccine narrative to the point that they quashed scientifically proven, fact-based statements by respected doctors and scientists. We've known this to some extent already based on past Twitter Files revelations, but the importance of this particular drop is in the details.

Among the various censorship requests they made were some that called on deletion of Tweets that accurately claimed the so-called "vaccines" did not offer protection against contracting Covid-19 and did not prevent infected people from spreading the disease. Those realities were already acknowledged by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Big Pharma companies themselves. For them to go after those facts so fervently tells us beyond a shadow of a doubt that Big Pharma relies on an ignorant populace. They cared only about shifting the narrative to back their lies. Moreover, they preyed on uninformed people to keep their agenda moving forward which is why suppressing facts was necessary.

On one of today's News Clips for The JD Rucker Show, I broke down the hideous implications of this type of censorship. It's bad enough that they were going after critics and those who were spreading debatable information, but for them to demand suppression of verified and widely accepted facts tells us they knew their narrative was false. Here's an article by Tom Parker over at Reclaim The Net that breaks down the details of today's drop...

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