More People Are Dying Suddenly and 'Normies' Are Finally Taking Notice

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More Americans are becoming aware of the dangers associated with the Covid-19 "vaccines" on a daily basis. The rise of adverse reaction concern is a good and bad thing. It's good for obvious reasons. It's bad because the powers-that-be are doubling down on their push to keep the universal vaccination agenda going for as long as possible.

For about a year, I've talked off and on about an unfortunate reality with their agenda. It's time to make that reality crystal clear so nobody moves forward with any illusions. The powers-that-be who are behind the vaccine push have known all along that they would eventually be caught. They knew the jabs were dangerous and therefore they knew that when enough people were collapsing or dying, even their control over government and corporate media wouldn't be enough to hide their efforts. There was never an illusion that they could get away with it.

That should truly concern us all because it means that their goal was never about profits. I hear show hosts and read articles on conservatives sites talking about Big Pharma's endgame of being filthy rich. That's not their endgame. Sure, most of the useful idiots running the operation think this is all about profits, but the real players in Big Pharma companies know this is all about jabbing as many people as possible before the con is revealed. And it will be. That's unavoidable.

If the people in the know are aware that they will eventually get caught, why would they do it? First and foremost, THEY won't necessarily get "caught." The efficacy and the safety of the vaccines will be proven wrong. But with so many people involved in this, everyone will be pointing fingers at anyone but themselves. Eventually, they'll all point their fingers at Donald Trump and blame Operation Warp Speed. This is the point where his most fervent fans will chastise me for blaming him, but I'm not. The powers-that-be will blame him. Pfizer will blame him. China will blame him. The CDC will blame him. Anthony Fauci will blame him. They'll all say that they wanted to do longer testing but he demanded the jabs be available before the 2020 election so they rushed it and made mistakes.

This is why we need to bring the heat now. By "heat," I mean continue to spread the truth about the jabs but ALSO to reveal as much about their plans as possible before they become a reality. We will be able to argue more credibly against the powers-that-be who are playing dumb if we "predict" it, which is why today's episode of The JD Rucker Show is very important. BEFORE the masses are finally made aware of the dangers, we need them to know this was all planned long before Covid-19 was active in America.

On a future episode, I'll dive into why this is certainly the case, but first we have to continue to wake the normies up to vaccine dangers BEFORE the next phase of the globalist elite cabal's evil machinations is rolled out. I suspect that at some point in the near future they will acknowledge the jabs do harm without doing much good at all. They will blame Trump. Then, they will offer a "solution" that will allegedly clean the bodies of the jabbed of the spike proteins and other pollutants.

THIS is the beginning of their endgame, and I'll do a completely different show about what that looks like. On today's show, I will be doing something a bit different than usual. I'll be sharing several  videos of a whole lot of other people. They can do most of the talking. We need ammunition for our arsenal of truth bombs to drop on normies who are more open today than ever before to the concerns. The people who lambasted us last year for being unvaxxed will be more apt to listen now. We have a small window through which we can "red pill" them into the full-blown skepticism that will be required. Otherwise, we're just going to have a whole lot of surprised and angry people who will demand a solution, and that solution will be different jabs from the perpetrators of the first jabs who will feel emboldened by being able to blame Trump for everyone's problems.

I'll even be playing a clip of Drs. Pierre Kory and Paul Marik discussing treatments for the jabbed that don't require going to the doctor or getting new jabs.

It should be a very different show than what I've done before. Buckle up!

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