Europe, you are beautiful, and you know it.

1 year ago

Europe, you are beautiful, and you know it.

You've started to believe that you are special, and that you have no equal in the whole world.

In your self-infatuation, you’ve lost the power to see the world, because you only see yourself.

Europe, you don't see the mighty Russia! It is calling you. Russia sees your beauty and loves you, Europe!

In your own pridefulness you ask for its power to give you. And you want it all!

Russia has already given you its Blood. The sacred - the human one. It has also given you the blood of the Earth – energy.

What more do you want, Europe? Isn't that enough? Now you want it to give you its Heart, too?

And, finally, you ask from Russia to kill its past, its memory and tradition- to take out her own heart.

NEVER! Europe.

You will NEVER get the Heart of Russia!

Alas, my Europe. If you knew about Goldilocks from the Serbian fairy tale, you would also know your own future.

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