D4CE 5th Symposium: Guideposts Towards a Future of Our Own Making

1 year ago

Polly Tommey of CHD.TV opened the session by introducing Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a medical doctor, former politician, and expert on public health and pandemics, who spoke about the foundations of democracy, the mechanisms of its erosion, and core principles for rebuilding democratic governance once again.
Dr. Wodarg shared a formula for resilient democracies centered around transparency as a function of societal size and complexity. Transparency, he stressed, is the critical ingredient for safeguarding democracy, such that governance occurs in the interests of citizens rather than those in power. With a near-total absence of transparency in our vast and immensely complex global societies and organizations, Dr. Wodarg noted that we were witnessing “almost everything institutionally corrupted.”
Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Meryl Nass joined Polly Tommey and Dr. Wodarg to discuss his presentation. Catherine Austin Fitts encouraged viewers to realize that the things we do, and the actions we take, are much more powerful than many people realize. In “everything you think and everything you do,” she said, “say no to darkness and yes to light.”
This video is part of Doctors for COVID Ethics 5th Symposium: IN THE MIDST OF DARKNESS LIGHT PREVAILS. For more information about the symposium, please visit

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