LIVE TALK: Diversity of Thought & Normalization of Emotions

1 year ago

July 09, 2020 Luncheon Knoxville Association of Women Executives

Why are emotions important? One of the key skills for emotional intelligence and leadership is self-awareness. Anger is rooted in sadness, and fear. We often hold onto the expression of anger, as it makes us feel powerful. The world’s top leaders when surveyed pointed to self-awareness as a top skill they have worked on continually. It’s important to acknowledge our emotions and regulate them, so we can manage our response to the stressful events happening all around us.

There is value in diversity of thought, as teams made of people with unique viewpoints help solve problems with optimal results. It is up to leaders to decide to seek and value diversity and seek talent from diverse groups. Equally important to this action, is to communicate the reason for seeking inclusion efforts. This includes connecting talent from underrepresented backgrounds with opportunity that those in the majority have unfair access to.

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