2 months ago

Disturbing Truth About Harry’s Connection To Elite Pedophilia Exposed

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While the world is hanging on every word uttered by the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and poring over every page in his bestselling memoir Spare, it is worth stopping and asking ourselves, who is this man who is supposedly exposing his own family and revealing their secrets?

And is he really doing anything of the sort, or is Harry actually participating in a vast and sickening cover up of the Royal family’s worst rites and customs, a dance as old as the ancient family itself?

Prince Harry’s book artfully dodges any of the real questions surrounding the royal family in favor of discussing woke politics, his family’s supposed racism towards his Hollywood wife, and breaking the soldier’s code by boasting about how many Taliban he killed in Afghanistan.

Harry skillfully airbrushes Prince Andrew’s pedophilia scandal out of history. According to Harry, Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, which dominated headlines around the world, does not even warrant a single sentence.

This is a cover-up. But it doesn’t end there.

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