Episode 3838: House Rules, Defiantly Lawless Recalcitrant Leftists, Thomas Coombs Plus Mr. Magoon

1 year ago

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Last week I mentioned that I was going to bring you a comparison of the 117th and 118th Congress ‘House Rules.’ Let’s face it, there are dozens full time reporters and pundits that were on this as soon as the 118the Congress Rules were passed on Monday. With that in mind, I have put some of those analysis in the References so that you can dig deeper when you have time. I do hope that you have the interest because the 118th Congress Rules are significant in our Representatives legislating more toward the will of the people instead of the aristocracy and oligarchs in D. C.

On this weeks program I do a quick commentary on the Rules. I then move on to discussing the debacle that has become the Senate. I have spoken on this before but it is critical to make your awareness again since the Bills passed in the house are likely to be ‘DOA,’ Dead On Arrival, in the Senate. Don’t think that the Senate is going to go along with the first action of the House in defunding 87,000 IRS agents… Ha!

Therefore I’m bringing the Anti-Federalist Brutus to the forefront. You can read what he wrote at the link to his article here.

Why Our Fight Is Righteously Justified
You will here this again in the Third segment of the program:
‘It is not in rebellion, it is not in violation of the spirit of law and contempt of the Constitution, that we arise and join with such amazing unanimity. No, ye illustrious shades of our pious ancestors, and ye martyrs of whatever age or clime, who have shed your tears and your blood for dying freedom. Ye cloud of witnesses with which we are encompassed about, we declare as in your presence, and we declare to the whole earth, that such are not our aims that our public measures result from a dreadful necessity—that America hath resisted purely on the footing of self-preservation'

Quick Comment: Biden Doc’s Debacle

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