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Denise Miller MA, OM
A Manitoba Michif/Metis, Denise honors her French, Cree, Ojibwe and Saulteaux ancestry. A traditional singer, she is the leader of the Sister Spirit Drum and member of two Canadian Drums. She has performed internationally, sung for or led a variety of ceremonies including Rites of Passage, House Blessings/Clearings, Weddings, Solstice, Births, Funerals, etc. She is honored to be a Full Mesa Carrier of the Qu’ero Peruvian tradition, a Rite Giver of the Munay Ki and a Dying Consciously Practitioner.
Denise is very active in the White Bison Wellbriety Movement. She is a trained Wellbriety Facilitator and Recovery Coach. She has served as a Keynote speaker at Wellbriety Conferences and sang at their most recent international gathering.
Denise is dedicated to supporting women in recovery to live healthy, balanced lives. She has led Harmony Circles, Traditional Drum Classes, White Bison Wellbriety Meetings, and has performed individual and House Clearings/Blessings and Ceremonies for the ladies in recovery at The Haven. Denise believes that it is through embracing our traditional, indigenous ways that we can create stability in our recovery.
Inspired by her own healing journey, Denise became a Colon Hydrotherapist and Detox Coach in 2004. She established Amber Healing Center, an alternative health clinic in 2013. Currently she offers online workshops, classes, private energy clearing sessions, free teachings online in her Courageous Healing Hearts Group. She is the creator of The Amber Freedom Method, a program offering tools that identify and clear the roots of triggers and unhealthy patterns allowing for one’s authentic self, unique gifts and visions to flourish. She is currently collaborating with Author Wayne William Snellgrove offering a series of four powerful workshops; A Journey Through The Seasons. Her schedule of events and registration information can be found at
Denise holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology/Sociology, a Master’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in French. She is a White Bison Wellbriety Facilitator with a specialty in Survivor of Homicide and Grief She is a Wellbriety Warrior Down (supporting our relatives in and out of prison) Recovery Coach. She is a Global Chant and Harmony Circle Facilitator and a Keynote Concert Presenter.

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