Biden And Canada And Mexico Leaders Are Buddies

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1 year ago

Biden and Canada and Mexico leaders are buddies.

They want you to think that the documents are more important than what has happened in MX. We haven't sent investments to Mexico since JFK. We have sent manufacturing to Mexico and now they want the semiconductor. Here is what happened in MX… Biden says his new policy makes it easier for people to get here. What are we going to provide them with? MX president thanks Biden for not building the wall. In 2024 MX is prepared to help Biden look like a humanitarian. And Mexico is ready to help Biden as long as we send him billions. And the media will spin how immigration has improved since Biden went to the border. Mexico says we need to put money into infrastructure.

In the largest move to our border in history. Western Union set a Feb record of $3.2 billion, the largest release in company history. While Americans were sitting at home the Mexicans worked and sent the money to Mexico.

Plan to stop it. Warning to UN, NATO, China, Russia, Mexico, South American countries. Shut off all wire transfers to South America. Issue drone strikes. Declare war on cartels. Don’t invite Ukraine to train on patriot missiles. WE are tired of the corruption and the smoke screens.

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