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The Pilgrims Society (Paul L. Williams, Dec 2019)

18-minute Clip on the creation of the Pilgrims Society (Dec 1st, 2019)

Source: The Rockefellers & The Pilgrim Society
Clip contains timestamps: 27:37-31:44, 31:43-38:37, and 39:50-49:10 from the full 1hr 40 min interview on Dec 1st, 2019.
Speaker: Paul Williams

00:04 Where the Pilgrim’s Society came from.
00:10 Cecil John Rhodes: secret society to promote global government under British rule.
00:26 Nathan Rothschild and the most powerful people in Britain.
01:00 Africa.
01:14 United States. Pilgrims Society, New York - most powerful people in America.
J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Paul Warburg, Mortimer I. Schiff, Otto Kahn, Mark Twain, John D. Rockefeller, and soon-to-be Prime Ministers, etc.
02:30 Alliance between Great Britain and the United States.
Creation of Federal Reserve System.
03:40 Assassination of JFK
04:14 Pilgrims Society > Federal Reserve System > Instigated World War I
> League of Nations, Royal Institute of International Affairs aka Chatham House
04:50 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) > John. D. Rockefeller Jnr.
05:20 From fewer than 200 members back in 1920, the CFR has produced ( by 2019), 20 Secretaries of State, 19 Secretaries of Defense, 21 CIA Directors, and every chairman of the Federal Reserve.
05:50 Designed as a circle within a circle that controls everything > through policy.
06:00 CFR > CIA, United Nations.
06:25 JFK didn’t stand a chance against this power.
07:00 CFR > The Press—the entire US and Canadian publishing industry.
09:47 David Rockefeller – founder of the Bilderberg group 1954
10:00 Leading member of Bilderberg group was Prince Phillip (husband of Queen Elizabeth)
10:30 Bilderberg > Clintons > Williams, Jefferson, Rockefellers
11:00 Every election, education, and supreme court is under their control.
People listening to this must think it’s crazy, but money controls everything.
If you want to understand a development, you always have to Follow the Money. And the money evidently leads back to the Rockefeller family.
11:40 Clinton > Bush > Obama > even Trump
12:00 Is there anyone in opposition to the Rockefellers? No:
12:21 In 1998, you had the merger of Amoco and BP, one of the most significant developments of the 20th century. That was the merger of the Rothschilds with the Rockefellers.
12:58 Trump?
14:00 How do we fight back? The forces are pushing towards a global government. The laws concerning climate change that are now being imposed on all nations.
14:20 The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
14:30 How do you combat all that? When people know but nobody cries out against it?
15:00 Is there any hope when they have everything locked down?
15:10 Hope can come from taking back education, where people are really learning something.
15:22 If believers can take control of their churches.
15:27 If local people who know what’s going on, can get involved in their local politics.
15:40 The hope is with the people, not with those who were funded into office.
16:00 Shows like this, most people will dismiss, but some people might actually pick up a copy of the book, but if they could just read it and find out what’s going on, and say, “I’m going to change this, locally, that’s where it starts,"
16:30 The research that went into the book. There are 1,500 footnotes in that book, and they’re all primary sources. At the end of the book is a classified CIA document—I thought I’d be arrested by now—and that document should drop the scales from anyone’s eyes.
In a book like this, every sentence has to be documented and very well vetted; you have to have all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed because you’re going against people with a great deal of money and power.

Here are some links, notes, and references:
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