COVID IN ISRAEL - The Truth Exposed! (Part 1)

10 months ago

Welcome to Chose Love Not Fear!

In this video I will be covering the reality here in Israel during the past few years and generally how it is like living in this country. Exposing some mainstream media and the Israeli ministry of health lies.

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Below are links to the information that helped me put together this video:

IDF not drafting non-vaccinated:

MoH contract w Pfizer:

Moezet Herum for COVID published documents:

Video of people dying all over the world:

Sudden adult death syndrome:

Everything causes blood clots nowadays:

Video of athletes dying all over the world:

Clip of Israeli media saying bad things about the unvaccinated:

Israeli "celebs" brainwashing kids to get vaccinated:

Professor Shapiro coming forward in an interview for channel 12:

MoH determines - Covid is just like the flu:

mRNA vaccine inventor:

57:21 - MoH determined there’s no connection between strokes and heart attacks to the vaccines:

Pfizer vax side effects:

Article about the doctor who passed away:

Prime minister article:

CDC & Myocarditis:

AU vax side effects:

AU hospitalizations for last week of 22’ according to vax status:

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