Situation Update, Jan 9, 2022 - Brazil's UPRISING the first of MANY to come in 2023

1 year ago

Situation Update, Jan 9, 2022 - Brazil's UPRISING the first of MANY to come in 2023

0:00 Intro
5:45 Car Dealers
13:50 Iran
26:25 Science and Chemistry
38:00 Finance
44:15 China
45:35 Brazil
59:25 Other Topics
1:02:42 Transhumanism

- Why do people activate Google in new cars, being tracked everywhere they go?
- Iranian national charged with terrorism in Germany
- "Mohammad" attacks solar power plant in Vegas, sets car on fire
- How Romans created self-healing concrete that modern science is just now understanding
- Newly discovered comet to pass near Earth in weeks, may be VISIBLE to the eye
- Feds tell banks to dump crypto in preparation for CBDCs
- Crypto contagion continues: Genesis may be the next to fall
- China buys another 30 tons of gold in preparation for new reserve currency launch
- Brazil on the verge of civil war / government collapse with mass protests
- Lula stole the election and rigged it all, just like USA
- More vaccine deaths strike sports players and newscasters
- Texas Gov. Abbott tells Joe Biden he's too late to stop the invasion of illegals
- California storms will affect the food supply
- Thousands of NYC nurses to strike
- HEY COPPER TOP: 6G tech to use the human body as a power source

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