Worship Service 10:30am 01/08/2023 - The Baptism of Our Lord Sunday

1 year ago

The Rev. Scott Johnson, Senior Pastor
The Rev. Anton Lagoutine, Assistant Pastor

The Sermon: "Torn Open"
Based on Mark 1:9-11
Rev. Scott Johnson

First Reading: Isaiah 42:1–9
Epistle Reading: Romans 6:1–11
Gospel Reading: Matthew 3:13–17

Opening Hymn: LSB # 400 "Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning"
Hymn of Praise "Glory to God in the Highest" pg. 154
Sermon Hymn: LSB # 590 "Baptized into Your Name Most High"
Response Hymn: LSB # 601 "All Who Believe and Are Baptized"
Closing Hymn: LSB # 602 "The Gifts Christ Freely Gives"

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