WE SHALL OVERCOME Song & Lyrics for such a time as this

1 year ago

ABOUT: With three new verses to this classic song, Ann M. Wolf brings attention to deep concerns of our time and the challenge we each face in continuing to walk in Faith.

NOTE: This video of Ann's new version of "We Shall Overcome" focuses on the song while her other video, "WE SHALL OVERCOME with Honor & Remembrance of our Politically Persecuted," is a bit more extensive. This second rendition includes historic footage of the MLK March of decades past with the crowd singing the song as well as a vibrant conclusion which gives honor and remembrance to our Politically Persecuted and their families. WATCH: https://rumble.com/v249jka-we-shall-overcome-timeless-anthem-for-such-a-time-as-this.html

TO LEARN HOW YOU CAN HELP, write your request for information to: https://annmwolf.info/contact

Song, "We Shall Overcome," is in the public domain, with three new verses written by Ann M. Wolf

Song, "We Shall Overcome," is produced & arranged by Tracy Collins.

Film compilation & edits are by Ann M. Wolf

Engineer/Vocals: Rusty Chambers, Murlin's Music World Studio, Maryville, TN

Video clips & images are by permission, in the public domain or by license; see credits at the conclusion of the video.

Special thanks to the artists at Pixabay, Pexels, Pond5, DepostPhotos, and Dreamstime, whose videos and images appear in this production. Please contact the production team for info regarding photo artistry seen in this video.

About final image: Special thanks to K. Joseph Thomas (Pi) for his amazing work inspiring folks to record themselves singing the National Anthem & uploading to their social media platforms (with the hashtag #singforfreedom) in solidarity with other citizens holding to freedom and most especially to encourage those who are suffering political persecution at this time or who have been deprived of due process. Contact Ann for more info: https://annmwolf.info/contact

This video is not for sale but available to share, stream, or embed for personal inspiration or for non-profit functions. For more information regarding permissions: https://annmwolf.info/


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