2 months ago

Short Film – 温故知新 | Study the Old to Know the New | by Trevor Komori

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In a forge on Vancouver Island, reclaimed steel is turned into handcrafted tanto.

Directed, Photographed, and Edited by Trevor Komori
Location Sound: Sean Brouwer
B Camera Operator: Liam Leyland
Music Composed by Kurtis So
Production Assistants: Vivian Hu & Judy Zheng

still images: https://islandblacksmith.ca/2018/08/short-film-release-%E6%B8%A9%E6%95%85%E7%9F%A5%E6%96%B0/
behind the scenes: https://islandblacksmith.ca/2017/08/komorisan-back-in-the-forge/
forging the sunnobi tanto: https://islandblacksmith.ca/2018/03/utsushi-study-of-a-sunnobi-tanto/
making the tanto mounting: https://islandblacksmith.ca/2017/08/on-ko-chi-shin-tanto/

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