Jim Willie Interview #6

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10 months ago

Systemic Breakdown, Depletion, De-Dollarization
Rising Interest Rates & Inflation
Bond Derivative Explosions
Interest Rate Swap Calamity
Running To Gold For Refuge
90 Trillion Missing From Eurodollar Derivatives
Big Banks Insolvent: BTS Bankruptcy
Runs On Forex Reserves Boosting Gold Value
Latin American Nations Rallying On Silver
Iran’s BRICS Recruitment
Japanese Hidden War
NATO Arsenal Depletion
SBF & FTX Money Laundering
FBI Weaponization Under Obama
Silicon Valley Woke Corporations
Langley & Narco Money
Dead Journalists At World Cup
Pension Funds Unraveling
Insurance Companies Fighting Back
Understanding Derivative Fraud
Rothschild Vs Chinese White Dragons
CA& Gates Depleting The Food Supply
Brunson Case Analysis
Elon Musk Starlink White Hat Conversion

Jim's Website: www.golden-jackass.com

Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes only; Do your own research

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