All Star Political Panel On The Reunion In KY, El Paso Visit, Fentanyl, Border & More

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1 year ago

What about the kumbaya moment in KY? It was a perfect example why the 20 need to stand their ground. Every bit of this money is phony and it hasn’t been created in a free market economy and isn't backed up by anything substantial.

What will happen in El Paso with Biden’s visit? Will anything happen or will it be a photo op? It may just be a campaign slogan to stir people up. But these cartels are running the border. And Trump has said that he will declare war on these cartels, if elected. There is no difference between what is happening in this country and what is happening at the border. It is complete lawlessness. There used to be this word called a deterrent. People aren’t as crazy as they pretend to be, there just aren't any consequences for any wrongdoing.

There is enough Fentanyl to give every American a lethal dose that has crossed our southern border. And the BIden administration isn't stopping it from coming across the border. When will the American people stand up? You can not have a welfare state without a secure border. With the people that are coming across the border, the welfare state will collapse. The cost to the school systems, the hospitals, the housing will all collapse.

Who reads history anymore, there was workforce housing long ago for the miners. And they went to the company store, went to the company house and the company bed. So is the government now the company?

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