Situation Update, 1/6/23 - The PARALLEL ECONOMY is set to EXPLODE in 2023...

1 year ago

Situation Update, Jan 6, 2023 - The PARALLEL ECONOMY is set to EXPLODE in 2023 (as the old economy collapses)

0:00 Intro
4:15 Positive News
7:00 Economic News
14:55 Other Financial News
20:05 Japan
25:35 Depopulation
33:20 Chroatia
35:00 Astrophysics
50:25 Vladimir Putin
54:00 Medical Dictatorship
1:01:55 Main Point
1:21:21 Special Forces Operations leader

- Good news on Hamlin from the Buffalo Bills
- Amazon announces 18,000 layoffs as Big Tech firings accelerate
- Bed Beth & Beyond likely heading into bankruptcy, run by woke idiots
- Celsius #crypto bankruptcy reveals you DON'T OWN "your" coins
- Japanese government trying to PAY families to LEAVE Tokyo #depopulation
- Three Massachusetts police die suddenly in one week... wonder why?
- UK health system (NHS) pushing body cams for nurses - #privacy invasion
- Croatians shocked to find that adopting Euro currency results in huge #inflation
- AI chat bot systems nearly as accurate as human doctors
- Why pill-pushing doctors will be replaced by AI, but naturopathic doctors won't
- Cool historical artifact: Meteorite sand glass used in King Tut's jewelry
- Climate check: Polar bear populations are so large, Canada is trying to figure out how to reduce them
- Putin launches hypersonic missile-armed frigate into Indian Ocean
- Medical dictatorship now in effect in California
- Anti-woke parallel economy will explode in 2023
- Huge migration of commerce away from Amazon
- Decentralization of commerce will be huge trend for 2023+
- Telemedicine also exploding as people flee death-pushing doctors
- Interview with Special Forces Texas border team leader

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