These Stories are More Important that the Speaker of the House

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11 months ago

Brian has never run for office before. But he was determined that the people of the district would hear the issues. And the candidates did talk about the issues. Brian had a meeting with candidate Johnny Chastain yesterday. Johnny asked for Brian's help with the issues. Brian is endorsing Johnny Chastain for House District 7. He needs your help to get elected.
It is a fear in 2023 that Joe Biden is running as fast as he can to put our kids in a war in Ukraine. The founding fathers say that the government is to defend us. US edges closer to sending armored weapons to Ukraine by sending Bradley fighting vehicles to Ukraine. Remember the line in the sand that if someone uses chemical weapons we have no choice but go to war. The US has provoked Putin numerous times in this conflict. Before Russia went across the border we had an opportunity to stop the conflict but it was never the intent because Ukraine is a laundromat. The war in Ukraine is a huge money maker for the warmongers of the world. Russia deployed nuclear weapons in Crimea and Belarus. They are going to push Putin to launch a low grade nuke to send a message and cause mass destruction. And then the next thing you know is your kids will be sent to Ukraine or Poland or Germany or another other NATO country to get ready for WW3.
Amazon to lay off 18K workers. Salesforce announcing 8K layoffs. Pay attention to what is about to happen.
Biden’s first visit to the border.
Walgreens and CVS are the first major national pharmacy stores to sell the abortion pill. Republicans blew this so bad during the election. If Brian Kemp is pro-life he will ask the House and Senate. If State Senator Gooch is pro-life. These legislators would promote a bill that will stop the online doctors from writing a prescription for the abortion pills. There is a lot of noise about abortion facilities closing. We are up to now where the majority of abortions in this country are done via a pill, then the overturning of Roe v Wade has no power to it.
The Boston Transit Authority is removing the vaccine mandate and offering the jobs to the employees they fired for not getting the vaccine.
If we want to restore American greatness and return power to the people the last thing we need to worry about is whether or not McCarthy is Speaker or not.
California Assemblyman wants teachers to help students to get sex change operations. Zbur leadership grew into one of the state's most powerful lobbying groups aimed at boosting LGBTQ equality in schools. They care more about a young lady that is developing and cutting off her breasts than whether or not a 8th grade minority can read or write.
They are working on this as a national agenda. Safe and Supportive Schools Report Card.

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