It’s Time to Hold People Accountable for the Damage Done - Ken Drysdale

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The Speaker’s Report examines:
* How the Government communicated with the public in such a way that distorted the truth;
* How the government's own mortality statistics prove that there was no pandemic
* We compared mortality rates in several age groups and found Covid was grossly over exaggerated (see infographics attached)
* We examined the numbers of ICU beds available in Manitoba between 2006 and 2019 and found they criminally reduced by over 200%
* We examined the "The Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan 2006". authors included Teressa Tam and Bonnie Henry amongst 9 pages of others;
* The Pandemic Plan did not recommend the use of masks, lockdowns etc, it also stockpiled antivirals which the government did not use
* We studied the public health announcements and fact sheets produced by the Manitoba Government to inform patients including pregnant women and children, no studies were done on pregnant women.

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