Three things that happen during trauma

1 year ago

There are some things that happen during a trauma that is not often talked about, but it’s important for you to know.

During a trauma, our mind tries to protect us by creating separation, and it has two choices.

1. The first one is separate from the event or the person that is harming us.

2. The second is separate from ourselves if it’s too difficult to separate from the person or event that is harming us, such as when we’re a child and we need to rely on a caregiver or when we’re an adult and we want to remain part of the group.

Then we separate from ourselves it is called fracturing or splitting off.

It happens when we stop our emotion midway and this becomes what I call a frozen emotion inside our neurology.

We separate from the part of ourselves that holds that emotion this leaves us afraid, inauthentic and unhappy.

3. During the split seconds that all this is going on, our mind adopts a new core belief about ourselves in response to this trauma.

It does this purely out of protection.

The mind’s job is to protect us and keep us alive at all cost.

Your mind might say: Oh Sh*t, that was not OK, I better make sure it doesn’t happen again.

In an attempt to stop it from happening again, the mind will create a core belief about ‘who we are’ in response to the chaos of the traumatic experience.

Our minds hate chaos, so it will create a ‘new order’ by forming a protective strategy/ a set of instructions for us to live by to avoid future trauma.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

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