The Whole Picture: Who Put The Church In Charge

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Bruce S. Bertram of The Word of God Ministries and asks the question: Who put the church in charge? It wasn't God. The existence and effectiveness of the visible church is in question here. The Reformation picked up steam because people were able to compare the picture of the church presented in Acts from their freshly translated-to-common-language Bibles with the one they were in at the time. They found theirs sorely lacking. It's time for another comparison to today's church. The modern church is just as sore and just as lacking according to Bruce Bertram from The Word of God Ministries.

The church as we see it is created by men. It is not the same thing as the Body. The word 'church' is nowhere to be found in the Hebrew or Greek. It is only used in English translations. Instead words were used such as assembly, congregation, body, bride, remnant, elect and olive tree. The church has had its ups and downs over the last 2,000 years. Depending on your measuring stick some think the church in modern times is up, though they might admit it has a few problems here and there. Tim Hawkins likes to say that each church is like one of those clear boxes of strawberries from the grocery store, with the real nice ones on top and the moldy ones underneath. None are perfect because they're just made up of "folks." As funny as that is, others, including me, can clearly see that what we've got doesn't bear a lot of resemblance to the congregation in the book of Acts. Top or bottom.

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