2 months ago

How to Diffuse Your Hair ...For Volume At The Roots (even if you can't tip your head upside down)

Reduce frizz, increase volume... is what nearly all of us want! Here's how to diffuse your hair to get both... even if you have neck issues and can't tip your head upside down!

Transcript/notes: https://wardee.com/how-to-diffuse-hair-neck-safe-routine/

If you need any help embracing your curls, improving your curly hair routine for less frizz, more volume, more shine, more healthy hair,  I've got some wonderful suggestions, tips, and products I can recommend (everything's non-toxic) to help you enjoy your curls more.

Just go to https://wardee.com/questions to answer a few quick questions to see if they might work for you, too. No pressure from me, ever.

Or... feel free to text me at 1-208-516-3615 or email me help@wardee.com !

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