Dr Bryan Ardis on Myocarditis and Suggested Protocols

10 months ago

(One of my video clips from tiktok currently banned.)
Clip from the braveseries.com

Jonathan interviews Dr Bryan Ardis on Myocarditis and his suggested healing protocols.

Dr Ardis adds Dr Thomas E Levy recommendations.

Vitamin C (liposomal or ascorbic acid) - Strong antioxidant (1,000 to 5,000 mg/day)
CardioPlus (from standard process/ no affiliation) can heal damage of heart muscle
10 in morning 10 in evening on empty stomach to help damage.
B complex (methylated forms of b9/folate & b12/cobalamin)- can heal heart damage
Periodic hydrogen oxygen nebulization
(Clears nose mouth through lungs of pathogens)
Vitamin D -1,000 to 7,000 units/day
Magnesium (chloride, oxide, orotate) 1,000+ mg daily divided doses can cause bowels if not used to
[Dr Levy recommended take no copper, no calcium, no iron during this healing process]

*Not medical advice. (hereforthetea has no affiliation). For educational purposes only.

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