Situation Update, Jan 3, 2023 - Escalation with Russia will thrust us into the jaws of World War III

1 year ago

Situation Update, Jan 3, 2023 - Escalation with Russia will thrust us into the jaws of World War III

0:00 Intro
1:30 Jeremy Renner
19:29 New Normal
20:19 China's Moon Station
25:20 Football Incident
7:00 Ukraine vs Russia
44:55 Bob Griswold
1:36:22 David Wilcock

- Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner (from The Avengers) nearly dies from snow plow accident
- Wisdom about equipment safety and avoiding injury when doing unfamiliar things
- Germany says higher energy prices will never go back to normal
- NASA alarm over possible China-run military moon base, the "high ground" over Earth
- Buffalo Bills player collapses during NFL Monday Night Football, suffers cardiac event
- Russia suffers devastating casualties from US/Ukraine HIMARS artillery attack
- Provocation clearly designed to push for World War III escalation with Russia
- China ready to pounce on Taiwan as soon as USA and NATO are in direct war with Russia
- Full interview with global war analyst covering Russia and China
- USA could suffer a 15% drop in GDP if China takes Taiwan
- Second interview with ancient civilization expert on comet impact theory vs. solar flash events
- Did pre-Biblical ancient civilizations exist on Earth before the time of Adam?

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