20230101 The 9/11 WarRoom

1 year ago

Happy New Year! The 9/11 WarRoom is back. We addressed the passing of David Ray Griffin, grandfather of the 9/11 Truth Movement, November 25, 2022. He has been included in the list of portraits on the site Americans Who Tell The Truth (https://americanswhotellthetruth.org/portraits/david-ray-griffin).

Richard and Gail been invited to the Restore Freedom Rally in Orlando, FL, which is taking place Jan 20-23, 2023. If you're anywhere close, please consider attending. (https://www.restorefreedomrally.org)

Mick Harrison, Litigation Director for the Lawyers' Committee, was invited to speak on George Galloway's popular podcast, regarding the upcoming Supreme Court decision and our first amendment right to have our case presented to a Grand Jury (case # 22-433). You can see the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bafWKyPyUCg

We spoke about media people who used to be very dismissive of 9/11 Truth and who, partially due to recent revelations regarding FBI and CIA involvement in the JFK case, have come around and seem to be open, to varying degrees, regarding the issue (George Galloway is self-admittedly one of them who is now considering the possibility.) Others along those lines are Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi, Tucker Carlson and Chris Hedges. If you can, please reach out to them, whether by email, snail mail, or any social media platform they are active on (twitter may be your best option right now). Politely, but adamantly.

We mentioned Michael Atkinson who did his own PSA on an online radio site, https://kcsf.caster.fm, where it stays for a week. You can scroll down to his still today, but it will likely be gone by Tuesday.

Gene has been working on making his own T-shirts as most sites offering this service take issue with either 9/11 itself, or with the Einstein image, which some claim is copyrighted. But he did find one site, tee-spring, and ordered his own shirt for testing. He says the quality is ok (not terrible, not great), but if you want it for $29.99, you can buy it here: https://the-911-truth-movement.creator-spring.com/listing/9-11-wtf-2?product=369&variation=6512&size=1906

A quick reminder that if you click on a link that brings you to a site that is no longer active, you can use the WayBack Machine to find anything that was scrubbed off the internet. https://archive.org/web/

Joining Gene and Sandra on the call were:

Susan Serpa
Al Magaletta
Myles Flaig
Ray Kraaijenhagen
Lawrence Fine
David Slesinger
Sean Nagel
Richard Gage
Makie Zarzano
Mikey Porazzo
Ross Muir
Josef Princiotta
JB Hockersmith

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