They Want to Turn Us Into Soil

1 year ago

After reading through some posts on conservative and alternative media, the general sentiment towards a law taking effect in New York to make it the sixth state that allows human composting is that the practice is sick. Almost universally, right-leaning journalists are focusing on how ludicrous it is and that the greenies are projecting the mental illness inherent in their cult.

As I described on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, it's far worse than being ludicrous or a mental illness. This is a very significant move that has deep psychological effects.

This represents a willingness by people to put their physical remains below the Religion of Climate Change. For some who see dead bodies as empty vessels with no real purpose, it's easy to blow this off. But the vast majority of Americans consider the remains of their loved ones to be significant, which means that giving them over to the climate change cult is a deep embrace of their flawed worldview.

If they can make us believe that our dead bodies are less important than prolonging the hoax, they are a step away from making people believe their living bodies are only worthy of sacrifice to the cause as well.

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