The Mindset of Dr. Robert, Lucifer's Liquid, Transfection, AI, Parasites, PCR Swab Jabbs - Part 1

1 year ago

"My People Perish From Ignorance" - Hosea

"Protect the blood and you will protect against any sickness or dis-ease" - Dr. Robert O. Young

"For the Life of ALL Flesh is the Blood" - Moses was with one million souls who all perished wandering in ignorance in the wilderness! Nothing has changed! NOW, we have 8 billion people wandering in the wilderness and will succumb unless they repent and return to nature and God's ways!

"This New Year, 2023, is the year to return to God, truth, intelligence, faith, peace, freedom, forgiveness of self and others, health, hope, love and charity!" Dr. Robert O. Young

"Now is the time to prepare to meet OUR CREATOR" -

The Viral Theory is Scientism - Radiation & the VAXXX Causes Dis-Ease, Injury and Sudden Death! -

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