Businessman Gary Rabine with The Constitutional Colonel Larry Kaifesh Show #12 December 29, 2022

1 year ago

Larry Kaifesh sat down this week with Gary Rabine, who is a well-respected entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Rabine Group. Rabine recently ran as a conservative candidate for governor in the Republican Primary in Illinois in 2022.

However, Gary has been very active in politics and community outreach for decades, aiming his efforts at bettering the lives and futures of many.

Gary updated us on his recent case brought to the U.S. Supreme Court fighting the unconstitutional student loan forgiveness program pushed by the Biden Administration.

Gary wrote on his LinkedIn page in October 2022, "American Values will be stomped on again if Biden gets away with this extreme example of Socialist Ignorance. The lack of accountability doesn’t stop as the worst president ever continues to reward his chosen ones and punish hard working accountable Americans."

However, touting the good work of his group "Job Creators Network," Gary declared in November 2022 that...

"We WON AGAIN another HUUGE Win against Bumbling Biden! Student loan forgiveness is Stopped in its tracks, the $400 Billion — $1 Trillion giveaway is dead for now.

College debt needs to be the responsibility of the person who received the value of the education, not us the taxpayer’s, many of us who couldn’t afford a college education or chose not to go.

I am proud to be a founder of this great organization Job Creators Network. On Jan 14th we beat Biden and his Employee Vax Mandate as the US Supreme Court agreed with us. Alfredo our CEO and Elaine our President are Rockstars in the world of Great Americans.

Veterans Day is a great day to receive this decision because freedom from Dictatorship like is what our Vets have risked and lost their lives fighting for," said Gary on his LinkedIn Page.

Gary is one of the leaders of that group who fought the unconstitutional vaccine mandates that were pushed by the tyrannical Biden Administration and took the fight through Job Creators Network to The Supreme Court. You can read about this monumental case that protected over 80 million Americans from being forcefully jabbed by this tyrannical government. Gary said on his Facebook account that it was unconscionable that Pritzker would mandate all school employees to be vaccinated. "It is not the government's role to make healthcare decisions for its citizens. This is a dictator-like government overreach, and it is one we, as a society, must stand up to adamantly oppose.

Shaw Newspapers reporting indicated that the businessman reportedly indicated that the U.S. Supreme Court’s January 2022 ruling on the federal vaccine mandates for businesses is a victory for small businesses and personal freedom.

The nation’s high court ruled in a 6-3 decision that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not have the power to require businesses with 100 or more employees to mandate workers get vaccinated or be subject to other mitigations.

Rabine had filed a lawsuit with the Job Creators Network, one of several lawsuits across the country challenging OSHA’s standards.

Gary Rabine is continuing his plans to fight for America, for right and freedom, albeit spending more of his time in the free and RED state of Florida, not Illinois, where he disappointedly said Republicans recently joined the Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly to pass the horrid Amendment 1 that empowers corrupt public union leaders (who donate to the democrat party directly) to control the taxpayers.

Many major newspapers in Illinois urged citizens to vote against the amendment. But the CORRUPT Illinois public union leadership, emboldened by globalist shill Governor JB Pritzker's money, successfully created ad campaigns to mislead and trick the Illinois voter into voting for the corrupt amendment that will undoubtedly lead to more tax burden for the people of the state in coming years.

Gary Rabine also discussed his ongoing commitment to work with human trafficking activist Jaco Booyens and General Michael Flynn's efforts to expose and end this abomination ongoing crime against humanity worldwide.

You can hear Gary Rabine's Podcasts here:

Gary Rabine BIO: Gary Rabine was born and raised in rural McHenry County, Illinois. Gary didn’t have much growing up but was loved by his parents and taught the value of hard work and discipline. Upon graduating high school, Gary harnessed those values and began building his first business – seal coating driveways. Gary developed that business into one of the largest parking lot paving companies in America. Gary has gone on to build and turn around over a dozen other companies under the Rabine Group umbrella which now does business in all fifty states.

In June of 2016, Gary’s wife had two emergency brain surgeries to remove a brain tumor and was thereafter diagnosed with brain cancer. Cheryl fought bravely for over four years as Gary searched around the globe for every possible solution to cure his wife. Thanks to President Trump’s ‘Right to Try’ Gary and Cheryl traveled the globe discovering solutions that extended Cheryl’s life; trying treatments in Vienna and Bangalore, but to no avail. Tragically, Cheryl passed away in October of 2020. Gary will tell you that he learned ultimate faith, courage and strength from her. After losing Cheryl, what was important to Gary going forward became crystal clear – his Childrens’ well-being, his grandchildren's’ well-being and the well-being of the great state of Illinois that he and his family love so dearly. His faith, courage and every ounce of strength that Cheryl imparted to him are now being poured into his fight to reform and rebuild.

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