12 Rules for Failure, and 12 More for Success [ep. #34]

9 months ago

Rules for Failure
1-People who fail in life blame everyone but themselves.
2-People who fail in life live in a giant Now (myopia).
3-People who fail in life confuse cause and effect.
4-People who fail in life see everything as a cost-benefit sum.
5-People who fail in life feel owned by their possessions.
6-People who fail in life seek external validations.
7-People who fail in life have low cognitive ability.
8-People who fail in life move too fast.
9-People who fail in life have vague goals, or none at all.
10-People who fail in life wait to be told what to do.
11-People who fail in life stop thinking too early.
12-People who fail in life don’t self-improve.

Rules for Success
1-People who succeed take responsibility.
2-People who succeed see things long-term.
3-People who succeed understand cause and effect.
4-People who succeed see life as an investment.
5-People who succeed value their internal qualities most.
6-People who succeed seek internal validation.
7-People who succeed do their own thinking.
8-People who succeed have patience to see the bigger picture.
9-People who succeed write down clear goals.
10-People who succeed think of next steps to undertake.
11-People who succeed weigh multiple solutions.
12-People who succeed know when to be humble.

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