2 months ago

Guardians of Divinity Demand apology from Councilman Bottcher- Part 1

December 19, 2022. NYC Councilman Erik Bottcher's office building. On Dec 17th, Councilman Bottcher labeled the protestors as "Faces of Hate". Their message was "  Save the Children and Let the Children Be Children" was ignored. They asked, "Why  must Drag Queens read to children. What are they promoting?What books are they reading." The media also promoted the Faces of Hate meme, so the Guardians went to the Councilman's office two days later, on the 19th, to demand a public apology. They wanted to have a dialogue. As Bottcher hid in his office, watching his security cams, he knew there was NO storming of the building. And as the videos show, requesting entry by knocking on the door is not an act of aggression. However FNTV, along with the Councilman,sprread the lie that the Guardians STORMED the office building. It fit Bottcher's agenda, to foment hatred as the Guardians.And the Councilman is the purveyor ...who continues to fan the flames of hatred ... by playing the victim. yeah. That's the ticket.

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