Globalist Middle-Managers Are Panicking As the "Vaccine" Narrative Crumbles

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The middle-mangers among the powers-that-be appear to be panicking. Some are reversing their past statements. Others are nowhere to be found. None of them are willing to answer hard questions about why they said the Covid-19 "vaccines" were "safe and effective" when it's becoming increasingly clear every day that they're neither.

Unfortunately, the people at the top are not panicking, and that should concern us. Did they reach the tipping point of vaccine adoption that they needed in order to move forward with their plans? Do they know that something else is coming that will rejuvenate Pandemic Panic Theater? Is there another Plandemic in the works?

The good news is that we have a window of opportunity in which people are waking up. Some are ready to get the full truth. Others need to be coaxed. But as former vaxx-nannies continue to reverse themselves, we're seeing panic among those who are near but not at the top. This means we can educate now until the next wave of medical tyranny hits.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I will be discussing several articles and videos on the topic. Tune in!

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