Synthetic Biological Life Forms – CDB, Morgellons, Live Blood Findings in Post C19 Injection Era

1 year ago

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD interviews Clifford Carnicom. We discuss Clifford’s research of Morgellons and CDB, his analysis of this synthetic life forms, his finding of polyvinyl alcohol, an ingredient of Hydrogel. We explore correlations between current live blood findings in the era of C19 injections.

Clifford Carnicom is the founder and President of the Carnicom Institute, a non-profit research and educational organization that is devoted to environmental and health issues. Clifford also worked as a technical research scientist acting in a professional capacity supporting analysis and development of major Department of Defense physical and weapons modeling systems, with extensive computer programming and system application development experience. He has held a Top Secret/SCI clearance. He was appointed for and completed two years of intensive graduate level studies in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and geodesy under the auspices of the Department of Defense.
Dr. Ana Mihalcea is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician and President of AM Medical LLC, an integrative health clinic with a focus on anti-aging and reversal of all diseases. Dr. Ana is the Award-winning Author of the book “Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity”. She is an advocate for medical freedom. She also does Darkfield Microscopy Live Blood Analysis evaluating the effects of shedding and Long Covid and researching therapeutics and antidotes for synthetic biology and nanotechnology. She is part of an international research team investigating the contents of C19 vials.
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