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12/26/22 The Nose Knew, The Nose Knows 2022 Year End

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A year in review....the NOSE that knew ..... the TRUTH have no defense against a FOOL who's determine to believe a lie.

1. Shine distractions , since Black Americans consume the most media, run the Meg The Stallion vs Tory Lanez trial, BLACK against BLACK, as black women cheer Tory Lanez found guilty.

2. the Conspiracy Theorist were right as quoted Elon Musk "To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true."

3. Things that are not Conspiracy Theories
Human Trafficking, Massive Government Corruption, Media Manipulation/Censorship, & Food Modification ... you are not CRAZY for believing it, They are crazy for ignoring it.

A) We find out the CIA killed JFK , Gov spent 3.5 million to censor twitter, Fake Russian Collusion, Staged a kidnapping of Gov Whitmer , Help plan and execute Jan 6th & Spied on Parents who went to school board meetings.

4. The Satanic agenda is out front pushed everything he got, Satan has nothing left.

5. Climate Change another hoax , the Electric Car is not new, and it cost more than a gas cars

6. Australia we must unite by the invasion on their own land... they gave up their guns.

7. Harmeet Dillion tells the truth about the RNC & RNC collaborating with DNC to sabotage America First candidates

8. Sen John Kennedy a true patriot voted against the Omnibus Bill & Senator Rand Paul found all this pork you are paying for in the Omnibus Bill

9. Grifting Gloablist RNC Ronna McDaniel blames Kari Lake for her "loss"

10. Kari Lake not given up and will keep fighting for free and fair elections

11. Government Overthrowing the United States Election
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