American Baseball Player Saves Flag from Desecration 40 Years Ago

11 months ago

Joe Guzzardi, Californians for Population Stabilization, discusses baseball and how a baseball hero saved the American flag from desecration 40 years ago. He discusses Obama's recent trip to Cuba in the context of baseball.

Joe Guzzardi has been an editorial columnist since 1986. His columns are nationally syndicated and appear weekly in the San Joaquin Valley's daily newspaper and the Lodi News-Sentinel. His commentaries were previously published in The Record (Stockton, California) as well as on the webzine and the California-based webzine A native Californian, Joe retired in 2008 from the Lodi, California, Unified School District where for 23 years he taught English as a Second Language to immigrants from all over the world. In 2003, Joe was a California gubernatorial candidate in the special Recall Gray Davis election. He is a Senior Writing Fellow for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS). He is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research and the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America and works for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This presentation was given at the September, 2016 Social Contract Writers Workshop in Washington, DC.

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