The New Attack on Children Trying to Learn English

11 months ago

Rosalie Pedalino Porter, Ed.D., Chairman, ProEnglish), discusses the latest attack on children trying to learn English in U.S. public schools.

Rosalie Porter, Ed.D is an accomplished author and scholar and current chairwoman of the board for ProEnglish. She is a consultant for school districts across the country, the executive director of the READ Institute (The Institute for Research in English Acquisition and Development), and founder and editor-in-chief of READ Perspectives. She has delivered public lectures for the U.S. State Department in Bulgaria, China, Finland, Japan, Israel, Italy and Turkey; and has been keynote speaker at Georgetown, Harvard, Brandeis and Northeastern Universities, and at Wellesley and Mt. Holyoke Colleges. Porter has served as an expert witness in court cases relating to the education of non-English-speaking students in California, New Mexico, New York, and Texas.

This presentation was given at the September, 2016 Social Contract Writers Workshop in Washington, DC.

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