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DC Jail Vigil for Jan 6 - Robert Morss Call 12/25/22 CHRISTMAS!

J6er Robert Morss calls from USP Lewisburg on Christmas night. He addresses a controversial letter related to the Northern Neck Regional Jail and its superintendent Ted Hull (who has had major run-ins with several other J6ers, including Barry Ramey as documented in the call following his letter to the Northern Neck Sentinel paper, and Christopher Quaglin, who’s court motions outline the egregious arrogance and flippancy of Hull who does not sound fit to oversee the care of hundreds of vulnerable individuals.) Apparently the situation is unfolding - possibly the jail superintendent forged the letter. Robert also talks about the physical scars and permanent disfigurements that he can see on fellow inmate Ryan Samsel. He discusses the beauty of unity, and his gratitude for everyone on the outside. He also discusses the handbook he co-authored with J6er Lucas Denney to serve as a behavioral orienting guide for others to best navigate this situation, incorporating biblical wisdom with his background as a Ranger, a boy-scout and a peacemaker in a situation riddled with pandemonium.

“I consider this my second basic training… God is preparing me for my next assignment, and only good things are coming from this.”

Support this retired Army Ranger: www.givesendgo.com/legoman

Read more about Lego Man Robert Morss: https://www.theepochtimes.com/rep-gohmert-violations-of-american-rights-of-jan-6-prisoners-mind-blowing_4537345.html

Support the vigil: www.4ashli.com

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For more Jan 6ers in their own voices, go to: www.wearegoodmen.com

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