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DC Jail Vigil for Jan 6 - Sam Lazar Call 12/25/22 CHRISTMAS!

J6er Sam Lazar calls from USP Lewisburg on Christmas night, where he is spending his second Christmas detained pre-trial. He has been detained held for 18 months. He talks about what it was like last Christmas behind bars at Warsaw jail. He was denied medical help eight times; no cup for water; 80 men using two toilets; stuck inside a dimly lit cell for 24 hours a day. In a cell for 3 months without running water. At another facility, he had to fill up milk jugs with ice so that he could brush his teeth with the melted water. Some people didn’t even have running toilets in their cells. He talks about having to wait at least two days in between showers while shackled like a murderer.

"Keep the faith. Merry Christmas."

Support Sam: https://www.givesendgo.com/g2923

Support the vigil: www.4ashli.com

Thank you to Freedom Express Media:(https://rumble.com/c/FreedomExpressMedia)

For more Jan 6ers in their own voices, go to: www.wearegoodmen.com

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