Spear Fishing Monster Bluefin Tuna BIGGER THAN ME in Turkey!

1 year ago

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Join me while I freedive spearfish a bluefin tuna that weighs more than I do! @SuatYigit & Berk Aktan of VIP Fishing Tours invited me to Turkey to hunt and freedive spear fish the most highly sought-after fish for sushi and sashimi, the bluefin tuna! I ended up catching a tuna that weighed 161.2 pounds! We brought it back to the dock and after weighing it we handed it over to the local restaurant to prepare and had a big feast with a bunch of other fishermen and their families. The next day we stopped at Ephesus and Virgin Mary's House on our way down to Didim where we stayed at Berk's family home and had an incredible meal made by his mother who is a famous Turkish chef! You can follow her on Instagram and see the incredible dishes she creates https://www.instagram.com/cheftunaaktan/

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Spearfishing is the most sustainable and ethical form of fishing. Fish speared while freedive spearfishing using a speargun, polespear or Hawaiian sling are fish, lobsters and other oceanic delicacies that have already reached maturity and have had a chance to breed. When commercial fishing nets are stripping our ocean's fish supply, freedive spearfishing is sustainable fishing that allows for the renewal of fish populations. Spearfishing, while freediving or scuba diving to hunt for seafood, are some of the most dangerous lifestyles. Spearfishing and freediving are more than hobbies, they are a way of life for many. #fishing #spearfishing #freediving

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