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Serious Injuries & Deaths For All Vaccinations For All Children Has Skyrocketed!

"Serious injuries and deaths for all vaccinations for all children has skyrocketed!"

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Beginning in 2020, the rates of "routine" childhood vaccinations significantly declined by 15% and continue to remain low to this day. Initially, the primary reason for the sharp decrease in childhood vaccination rates was due to the COVID-19 lockdowns that were followed by social distancing policies, thereby making it difficult for parents to take their infants and children in for routine wellness checks and get routine vaccines (polio, hepatitis A/B, measles mumps rubella (MMR), chickenpox, etc.)

Since the rollout of the COVID-19 mRNA injections, more and more concerned parents have started to ask, '\"Are childhood vaccines safe?"

When this question was asked in the context of the 2019 medical environment, the term "vaccine safety" generally referred to the data correlating the risk of developing autism due to presence of mercury and aluminum in childhood vaccines.

When many parents ask this question today, what they really want to know is: "Can routine childhood vaccines contain mRNA technology?"

The short answer to both questions is "Yes".

According to the CDC VAERS data, all childhood vaccine-associated injuries and deaths increased nearly 400% between 2020 and 2021. As of December 9, 2022, Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA injections caused 1,713 infants, children and teenagers to suffer myocarditis, a serious inflammatory heart condition that can lead to decreased ability to exercise and even death.

Pfizer’s mRNA injections permanently harmed and/or disabled more than 10,000 infants, children and teens who did "not recover" after being injected. The VAERS’ tracking system often deletes follow-up visits or follow-up events as "duplicate" cases. Sadly, this may mean that many of the 10,000 children who did "not recover" may have died...


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"What I learned from the Covid Vaccine debacle is that regulators approving COVID vaccines, and childhood vaccines, are crooks, and the same people approve all those vaccines. They are approving COVID vaccine applications that any serious regulator, who cares about infants, would have laughed out of the room. This is all I need to know about them. If these crooks are approving 'Covid Vaxx' for infants, I cannot believe their assurances about other childhood vaccines. I will not believe that 'they are safe', or that 'they are effective' unless it is proven without the involvement of these people or the greedy companies financing fake research."

-- Igor Chudov

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