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Judgment In the Kowalke vs Eastman Trail Has Been Declred! “Elections Are Determined By The Ballo…

Today 12/23/2022 “Judge, Jury & Executioner” Judge McKenna to deliberate on and in a major surprise early Judgement came back today Giving his final verdict.

“Eastman Wins & Kowalke Loses!” 18,000+ Alaskans Voices & Votes still matter for now!

Mark my words. Win Lose or Draw. I see this going all the way to the Supreme Court of Alaska. I now Expect for the Far Left Soros Backed Kowalke & his Attorney file an appeal to the Supreme Court within the next week.

Read all about it in the two links below:

From the article... "The First Amendment must be considered, McKenna said: “The court further finds that Rep. Eastman is a member of that organization, but that he does not and did not possess a specific intent to further the Oath Keepers’ words or actions aimed at overthrowing the United States government. The court therefore finds that he is not disqualified from holding public office by Article XII, Section 4.”"



"The court therefore finds that he is not disqualified from holding public office by Article XII, Sec 4. This is the court's final order."

UNFORTUNANTLY - "Implementation of this order is stayed pending appeal"

Read the entire 49-page order here... https://davidlegal.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Eastman-Order-Final-12-23-22.pdf

What happen before today:

The Final Day In Court For The Kowalke vs Eastman Trial. 12/21/2022. We got to hear the closing remarks from all attorneys involved.

First up is Kowalke’s Attorney. Next will be our “States Attorney”, Then Eastmans Attorney will slam dunk his closing remarks to the “Judge, Jury & Executioner”, Judge McKenna.

Kowalke vs Eastman
Day 7 12/20/2022

Founder of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes was first up today at Kowalkes Attorney is first on the pitchers mound and I’m sure he will have many “January 6th Committees” foul ball talking points ready to be used. He did not disappoint. Including the same “January 6th Committee” selectively edited videos & Trump quotes for matching their “Fake News” narrative driven agenda. Eastmans attorney did a great job reintroducing those same videos unedited.

Rhodes was Followed by Dr. John Eastman taking the stand (Not Related to David). Expert witness on Constitutional Law if I caught his credentials right. It Looks like this case will run into Wednesday Morning. Turns out my guess here was right.

Below is what is almost current up to yesterdays trial for what has happened.

Day 6 12/19/2022

Today in Palmer Superior Court the case for Kowalke vs Eastman, entered into day 6. Last Friday on the stand we got to hear from Micheal Nichols for the defense & he was at Capital on January 6th. He was there helping the Capital Police on the outside stairs clearing the Capital. The Plaintiff’s attorney tried to paint him & Eastman in the same light at those who entered the Capital that day. All the Prosecutor/Plaintiffs Attorney has accomplished is proving “Eastman” innocent of the slanderous accusations made against him by Kowalke.

Eastman was next to take the stand again after Kowalke’s Attorney grilled Nichols. Once again trying to paint everyone by the actions of others. Eastman answered a bunch more questions based upon other previous witnesses testimonies.

At 1:00 Stewart Rhodes, founder & president of the Oath Keepers took the stand. He explained how some rouge members, on their own volition did what they did & in no way was ever endorsed or condoned by the Oath Keepers themselves. That was not why they were there. Must watch video. You won’t hear the truth like this anywhere else.

Day Five 12/16/2022

The Defenses witness John Guandolo is currently on the stand. the Defense closed out his questioning for him last night (12/15/22). It’s the Prosecutors turn today. Must add this “Expert Witness” make the previous two look like partisan paid for Narrative, Agenda Driven Hacks. Like the “January 6th Committee Hearings”.

Election Are Determined By Ballot Not Bench

Kowalke vs Eastman
Day Four 12/15/2022

After the cross examination of Eastman in the Palmer Courthouse. The Defense made their closing/opening arguments to dismiss. Just as predicted. The Judge decided to let this continue.

Now Oath Keepers founder Rhodes was suppose to be their fist star witness. Due to delays caused by poor internet & connecting through Zoom issues at the start of the day. He has been postponed it appears until Monday. 12/19/2022

What happened Monday-Wendsday: 12/12-12/14/2022

After having to listen to two days of Kowalke’s Far Left Paid for Narrative Driven Hacks “Expert Witnesses” testimonies. I’ve now bitten a whole through m…

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